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Thursday, February 25, 2010

so inspired...

Bee Imaginative - Feb 2010
Originally uploaded by Red Pepper Quilts

I stumbled across this beauty the other night. I want to make a little quilted runner for our bedroom dresser - I get very worried about it getting damaged. I have real furniture now! I must be careful with it!

I am leaning toward a gold/olive green/rust/brown palette. Although I'm not sure if I want to do the same thing with the diagonal squares. Input?


  1. your palette sounds good, but watch out for it being too dull...

    and im not a huge fan of the diagonal squares- even though i generally love diagonals. maybe you can take pictures of the different arrangements before actually piecing them together???

    youre amazing. i love you. and i wish we lived closer so i could absorb some of your awesome art-ness. i miss that.

  2. I will definitely take pictures and post for opinions.

    And I agree! Some day we will be close again! Maybe not in-the-same-12x12-room-24-hours-a-day close, but still. Close.

  3. i like the palette, but i don't think i like the diagonal...i'd mix it up a little more. and i agree, more pictures of arrangements would be great!

  4. Make the squares, lay them out, re-arrange until they speak to you!


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