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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I cleansed myself... yeah.

After the holidays, I was feeling a little chubby. Now, I think this is pretty normal, but this year the cookies and delicious meals got to me a bit more than usual, and I had gained about 10lbs. Sad.

I am all for making healthy choices with food, however, I really believe that at certain times (holidays and vacation), you should be able to eat whatever you want. Will you pay for it later? Yes, but it's worth it!

So in order to shake the holiday chub, I decided to do a vegan cleanse. I had been reading about the Raw Vegan food movement online for a few months, and I was interested to try it. I found this cleanse online, and decided to slowly cut meat and dairy out of my diet for a few weeks and see how I felt.

Oh, I also got a juicer:

Fresh Juice!
classy "juice glass" aka Stella Pint glass

I could not have done something like this without a home juicer, and I am so glad I bought it. Having fresh juice every day has been amazing. This is my usual morning juice - 1 grapefruit, 1 apple, 2 carrots and ginger root. Delicious!

So today is the last day of this cleanse, and I can definitely say I will never be a Raw Vegan. In fact, I will never even be a vegetarian. I spent most of the cleanse dreaming about burgers and fries, and I think that's not a sustainable way to live. I also didn't feel that great - I felt tired all the time. Had I continued eating Raw, I'm sure this would have evened out, but it wasn't the "rejuvenating" experience I'd hoped for. 

I did, however, lose weight, and I discovered a lot of delicious foods that I didn't think to eat before. So why am I posting this on my mostly-crafty blog? Obviously: to tell you of my love for fresh juice!  And to share. Thanks <3

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  1. Cleanses are great ways to kick of some weight loss! I do a fruit cleanse before and after any trip I take because I always go NUTS and eat whatever I can see when I leave the 30 mile bubble around my house.

    I could never be vegan either. I eat chicken like 3 times a month-ish? And fish. I only eat things that I know I could kill. A cow? No. I couldn't kill that. So I don't eat it!

    I could totally kill cheese, though. So I eat that ALL THE TIME :)


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