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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

thinkin' about sweaters

On Monday, the chilly weather swept in, and I just knew I had to cast on a new sweater. 

I've been thinkin' and wishin' and hopin' about Aidez for a month now. It's so slouchy and comfy looking, with cables to keep things interesting. And there are some pretty awesome finished sweaters (including Elly's and Julie's) on Ravelry, so I think this one's a winner! I'll be knitting it in Cascade Eco-Wool, which I just picked up today. 

Other autumn-appropriate sweaters that caught my eye:

Cloudy Sunday by Hillary Smith Callis - I love this one, but I can't decide which yarn to knit it with. I feel like this would lend itself to a blend, yes? It would do well in something with a bit of drape. Think how cute it would be with a long sleeved t-shirt layered underneath. 

Delancy Cardigan by Alexis Winslow - Chevron stripes! I love this one, but it's duking it out with...

Paulie by Isabell Kraemer - See? They are both wonderful in a shawl-collar-y, thick-and-thin-stripe-y, garter-edged way. And since my heart cannot decide, I shall not cast on. Well, at least not yet. 

Psst - Last year's sweaters are here


  1. Well Aidez, which I've apparently forgot about since I oogled Julie's last year, is now in the mix for our winter KAL! I do really like Paulie, too! I've been looking at it since it's come out, too, but do you think it's too easy? I do love that garter stitch top. DAMN GIRL! I want them ALL!

  2. Oh my stars! Can I tell you something totally lame? I JUST figured out Ravelry yesterday. And since then I have been on non-stop and adding to a giant list of projects :) So many amazing patterns! I bet you are super fast at sweater knitting. I simply adore these- I would wear that last hoodie every day! :) Good luck with your decision!

  3. Whoa! I think I'm in love with Delancy. I would make it in colors that were similar to the Paulie picture, though - that color combo makes me think of the circus! I don't have a lot of clothes so I try to get stuff in neutral colors so everything matches with everything else - very blah, but mucho sustainable.

    Aidez IS gorgeous though - I seriously don't think the sample photo does it justice. There are some amazing projects on rav that look 3000% better (and the sample looks pretty good.)

  4. I think I might try that Adez...I LOVE the Delancy, but not sure i have the skills for it.


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