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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Holla Knits Accessories!! And a Giveaway!

Top: Emma Welford's Wallpaper Cowl, My Scallop of the Sea; Middle: Teresa Gregorio's Knight Service, Tara Shade's Black Swan; Bottom: Anna Elliott's Snowball Bonnet, Allyson Dykhuizen's Multiplicity

I know it seems like we were just celebrating the Holla Knits Fall collection, but now there are even more patterns to enjoy, including my new pattern, Scallop of the Sea.

I'm really excited about this design, so I hope you guys like it. Scallop of the Sea is an oversized, fold-over clutch with color work scallops. The knitting itself is pretty straightforward, and the whole thing is re-enforced with a fabric lining and closes with a zipper.

For this collection, the Holla Knits Accessory designers have each created a Pinterest board for styling ease! Mine is here, and there are links to the others' here. All of these patterns are awesome - I can't decide which one to start with.

It wouldn't be a HK Blog Tour without a giveaway! 

I'm giving away a copy of my pattern, Scallop of the Sea. Just leave a comment on this post by next Monday, October 15th at midnight, and make sure to leave an email address. I will announce the winner next week. Good luck!

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  1. I LOVE this pattern, Katie! Wonderful job.

  2. I love your color choices. So modern!

  3. Adorable pattern. Would be great made smaller into an ipad case! Yup yup, think that's what I'm going to do.

  4. Oh my goodness, that design just screams my sister's name!

  5. Terrific pattern! I'd love to win

    Susan D. Smith

  6. I absolutely love this pattern! Saw it on Rav yesterday and instantly fell in love!

  7. this is so cute! i'd love to use this pattern to make some awesome christmas presents!

  8. Oh this is definitely my favorite. I'm even willing to try a lining for this!!


  9. The clutch is my favorite pattern of this collection. Congrats on such an awesome design. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  10. So lovely! Awesome design and color choices.
    adelene182 at

  11. So cool. It looks like such a fun pattern to knit up.

  12. I love this bag! Fantastic pattern, Katie!
    pani.misiula [at] gmail [dot] com

  13. I love this pattern! Thanks for creating something so fun and fresh!

  14. These are great patterns and the color you chose are fun.

  15. I love your pattern! Congrats. Awesome idea to have styling boards!

  16. This bag is what made me discover this collection!
    I love it! Thanks for creating this. <3


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. What a gorgeous clutch! I love it! amy dot teall at gmail dot com

  19. I love this clutch! I am pretty sure it is waaaay beyond my capabilities with the zipper and lining, but is so chic I would damn well give it a shot.

  20. this is awesome! i especially love the gold/grey color combo. just my style!

  21. What a lovely design! never thought must about scallops, but they are very appealing. : )

  22. Not sure if I'd be so good at the sewing side of things but I'd sure give it a go :)

  23. I think I might be too late, but would love to enter!