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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Talk and Vintage Bridesmaids Options from Shabby Apple

It's that time again... I'm in three weddings within the next year. In my search for the perfect bridesmaids dresses (for three very different weddings), I keep coming back to Shabby Apple.

You may know that Shabby Apple is the go-to shop for vintage clothing, but they recently launched a specific bride-themed collection, and some of their dresses work really well for bridesmaids dresses!

I love this dreamy, lace dress:

My friend, Annie, is getting married in the woods in Northern California this fall, so I admit I totally fell for the wood-sy styling of this one! 

I wish this brightly-colored, pemplum number came in more colors! 

Who says bridesmaids have to be swimming in fabric? For my friend, Melissa's 50's wedding (next Spring), we've been throwing around the word, "Wiggle Dress," like no other. This would be perfect - if only it came in teal! 

This classic dress would be ideal for my sister, Meghan's, wedding:

She's been leaning toward a blush/taupe/brown palette, but hasn't made any decisions. I think she has time, since she hasn't even set the date yet! 

And for my imaginary wedding? Obviously...

Just like Dionne in Clueless, my bridesmaids will be wearing these sailors dresses, and my wedding gown will have a sailor collar! 

Disclaimer: Yup, this post was sponsored by Shabby Apple. But all opinions are my own, cause I would never lie to you. 


  1. It goes to show that you must be an awesome friend, to be in so many weddings! And I love those dresses, particularly the top one- that would be drop dead gorgeous on you.

    1. Thanks, Julie! When it gets overwhelming, I just remind myself that I get to plan the fun part - bachelorette parties!!

  2. The sailor dresses! You HAVE always wanted those for your wedding, just like Dionne. ;) Will your bridesmaids wear the hats too?

    I love Shabby Apple...I was looking at a pretty blush pleated dress of theirs the other day. Lots of bridesmaids options!

    Oh, and Jeff and I will set the date soon, I swear!

    1. OF COURSE they will wear the hats!!! And my veil will be a sailor hat veil.

      Yeah, it's definitely a good option for bridesmaid stuff! And no pressure, I know you guys will figure everything out in good time. ;)

  3. SAILOR DRESS SAILOR DRESS! It's too bad we aren't friends because I would REALLY like to wear that dress to a nautical themed wedding. OH WAIT! WE ARE FRIENDS!

    1. Did I also mention that I will have TEN BRIDESMAIDS?! All in matching sailor dresses.

  4. I have that first dress, I love it! I am obsessed with their Ferris Wheel & Alice in Wonderland collections & that Sailor Dress! Love them all <3


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