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Friday, June 22, 2018

Seams About Right: a project diary delivered to your email

Over the last few months, I have been craving an outlet for writing about my creative projects. I've written a few posts here and there, but I thought it might be fun to try out a new format: TinyLetter.

I'm hoping to use this project diary not only to log my creative projects, but as a weekly writing exercise. I've reached some kind of a Writer's Block with my musical, and I think having a separate writing goal will grease those wheels again. Maybe. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

If you subscribe to Seams About Right, you'll get my project diary in your inbox. Sewing, knitting, thoughts about sewing and knitting, all delivered directly without an outside app or clicking. I think it could be good.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

The French Boardwalk Blouse - A Poisongrrls Knit

Oh, hey.

Here's another Poison Grrrls pattern by Amy Appel, the Boardwalk Blouse. When Amy asked me to test knit this one, I didn't hesitate. The crop! The stripes!

I knew right away this pattern needed the French Girl treatment, so I set out to knit it in red and white CoBaSi. I did not exactly get gauge, so while I followed the numbers for size large, it came out smaller than intended. A-ok by me, Ms. Negative Ease.

So this yarn... HiKoo CoBaSi is truly amazing. Light and drape-y, but also stretchy. It's dreamy, because I live in LA where it's hot, and we all need knits like this. Plus light summer sweaters are my jam, since I work in a cold office, but somehow still sweat a lot.

Maybe I went overboard with the styling...

But probably not! Because when is a beret "overboard"?! You know who loved berets? Prince. We should all strive to be a bit more like Prince.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Andi's Outfit-Along: My Plans

Another summer, another Outfit-Along with my girl, Andi. I like knit-alongs because they provide deadlines, and I'm a Virgo, so I need structure in order to let my neurosis fully  thrive. Andi has provided us with a double-whammy of deadlines: a time frame in which to both knit AND sew a piece, making a super cute outfit. 

This is only my second year participating (last year I inexplicably gained weight over the summer - not the ideal time to sew myself ANYthing), and I'm super excited to jump in. 

For my knit item, I will be ripping this bad girl:

That's my ill-fitting, never-worn Salal cardigan (pattern by Andi! This entire post is just my love letter to her). I knit this cardigan last fall with a Salal KAL, but had to rip out my first iteration and knit it a size smaller. It's still not working for me. Or the yarn is a bad match to the pattern. Either way, it's getting ripped and re-knit into a Julgran, another Andi pattern. 

Yes, I am knitting a Christmas sweater this summer.

For my sewn item, I'm drafting a circle skirt with pockets and sewing it up in that plaid fabric. 

So there we go: a Christmas in July outfit. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Autumnal Project #2 - Halloween B5895

What's that you say? It's no longer Autumn? In fact, it's pretty much Summer Time!?

Fine, whatever, I suck at blogging. I, like so many of us, am completely, totally addicted to Instagram. I rely heavily on it to connect me to the online community of makers. But it's June, and that means I just finished Me Made May, an entire month dedicated to wearing one's home made clothes. This year, I dragged it all out - including this seasonally inappropriate shirt.

I finished this baby last October, and frantically wore the shit out of it for the month leading up to Halloween. Since then, it's been languishing in my closet, but I pulled it out for Me Made May, and here we are: older, wiser, redder-headed.

It's my third version of B5895, sewn in a quilting cotton from JoAnn's with no adjustments. Look, I'm not advocating sewing clothing out of quilting cotton, however: if you find an adorable novelty print that you just *have* to wear, buy two yards of it and sew up this pattern. 

I mean: LOOK at those kittens! They have pumpkin hats on!!

I got a few questions about B5895 on Insta, and I will say this: it's not a pattern for beginners. The way the collar goes into the shirt is very finicky, so you might want to start with something more straight-forward. 

I'm planning a fourth version of this top for summer-lovin', sewn out of a palm print with shorts to match. So stand by. I'll try to blog that before 2019.