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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LA Trip or "Ugh, beautiful!!"

And now for the official slideshow:

 My Trip to LA 
by Katie Canavan

crochet phone cozy

The lovely woman seated next to me on the plane was crocheting, so of course I had to strike up a conversation with her! She gave me this phone cozy at the end of the trip - so kind! 

beautiful views while stuck in traffic!

Chris and I were in awe of the beautiful "mountains" you can see from everywhere in LA. Chicago is flat, people, so these are mountains to us.

We went to the Getty Center, a beautiful museum at the top of a hill, and took this silly video before we looked at all the art.

bushes that look like trees

The gardens at the Getty Center were spectacular.


gardens at the Getty Center

See? Crazy (sexy) beautiful!

Chris is sooo LA

Chris is so LA - talking on the phone and wearing sunglasses at the same time. 

Melissa on the mountain (hill)

Melissa, our lovely host, took us hiking in Griffith Park. We hiked up to the observatory, which was a good opportunity for me to realize how out-of-shape I am. 

Chris, after climbing the mount

Once again - hiking up a mountain - not something that happens in Chicago. 

beach + mountains?! yes, please!

Chris, Melissa and I spent an afternoon at Santa Monica Pier. We rode the roller coaster, shopped a bit, and ate good food. I insisted we take off our shoes and wade in the water and it was quite cold. Despite this, children were happily swimming! 

cuuute at Santa Monica pier

We had a really great time, and got to see so many of our Chicago friends we've been missing. It was such a great break from the (still) dreary Chicago weather, and I can't wait to go back. 

ps. more photos here


  1. Ah! You were totally in my 'hood! Glad you had a good time, you missed the completely crappy weather (raining on and off).

  2. The video was rad! Looks like fun!


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