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Friday, July 15, 2011

MUYM Progress

When I joined Allyson's knit along and chose to knit Julie's Make Up Your Mind sweater, I was skeptical. I don't really believe in summer sweaters - who wears a sweater in the summer? They're hot, even if sleeveless, and I sweat. Plus everyone knows sweaters belong to winter! But I had no idea how awesome this sweater would be to knit on the road. 

vacation knitting
Cellular stitch on Thursday morning

I had a bit of a false start - since I'm using different yarn than called for, I swatched a bit skinnier than gauge. I decided to compensate by casting on for a size 48. After knitting about two inches, I tried on the sweater and even though it was only two inches, it was a baggy two inches. So I pulled the whole thing out and cast on size 44. 

MUYM in the car
Knit through cellular, checkerboard and in the midst of linen stitch on Saturday

From there it was smooth sailing - I added two extra inches of cellular stitch to the bottom of the sweater, and about an inch to the bust, as per Allyson's KAL recommendations. 

MUYM Progress shot!
Took a few days to work the Hindu Pillar stitch and finished off with some lace

I love knitting this! Or did, since I'm actually done at this point (stay tuned for FO pics). The design is really smart - every few inches you switch up the stitch pattern, which creates shaping without increasing or decreasing. That also makes it perfect for travel - no stitches or rows to count, just a new stitch pattern to keep things interesting. 

close up of stitch patterns


  1. That is so pretty! I love the mix of stitches. I am so impressed with your knitting speed! Something like that will probably have taken me a month. And I love the yarn you used- such a nice color!

  2. Wow! That is really cool :) It reminds me of swatch scarves that I used to mke when I was learning how to knit - I didn't want to get bored with so many feet of one pattern, so I would switch it up every 6 inches or so and just start knitting another stitch pattern!

  3. What a cool idea! It would be a great way to learn some new stitches. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. Turning winter knitters into summer knitters! I love it. Your sweater looks fantastic and I can't wait to see FO shots!

  5. ooh can't wait to see the FO - it is intriguing..

  6. Thank, everyone! FO shots to come!


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