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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new apartment peeks

mermaid fountain

My new apartment building in LA is a tropical-colored, mid-century dreamboat. Ok, not everything about it is dreamy, but I wanted to show you a few details around the building, since the inside won't be ready for showing for awhile!

pretty railing

oven of the future
You can tell it was built in the 60's because Betty Draper left her oven behind! 

Kitties love the courtyard! There are usually two to five of them out there at any given time. 

kitty in the sun

the best door knob
My very favorite detail - the mod doorknob.

apartment complex


  1. It looks like Melrose Place!!

  2. I'd almost swear Veronica Mars was filmed here!

  3. Oh my! I love it! makes me think of a Wes Anderson movie for some reason. The doorknobs are indeed a great detail and I specially love that shade of blue.

  4. Oh wow, your apartment building looks amazing! I wish we had swimming pools in the UK, though it would probably be way too cold the majority of the time :p

  5. That is the dreamiest apartment building I have ever laid eyes on. Mid century marvelous.


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