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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Time in the Ole Midwest

Whew. It's been a crazy Christmas time. I just looked at my blog to discover that I've only blogged 3 times in December! Well, here's the quick, slap-dash overview of my Christmas holiday.

This year, I ....

Hosted a holiday brunch for my friends in LA, including this awesome hot coco bar.

Hot Coco Bar

Had a mini bundt cake (bundtini) at work. 

Yummy mini bundt cake

Flew home to Michigan to spend time with my family. 

The Tree Surprise Madi!

Meg & Mom
Mum & Meghan

Meghan, Madi and Ellie
Madi, Meghan, and Ellie (my nieces)

my seesters
Meghan and Jen (my sister-in-law)

Me, Madi & Ellie

Got a fun Macro/Wide Angle lens for my iphone!

macro lens close up  wide angle Meg

And this pretty midcentury ornament.

Midcentury Ornament

Played a bit in the snow in my parents' backyard.

winter in the back yard

Was gifted a pair of Hobbit feet, and finally saw the Hobbit movie (thanks to my 15 year old brother!)

best Christmas present

Made a lot of yummy treats with my sister. 

Seesters wearin' aprons
Aprons from Izabelle (her shop is Boojiboo)

cookies and mini apron

Met up with my favorite bloggy ladies, Allyson and Emily, and Emily's daugher, Ryenn. 

Dykhuizen Ladies!

Who fell in love with Meghan, naturally. 

Meg & Ryenn

It was quite the getaway, and I had so much fun! 

I hope your holiday was warm and bright, and I'll be back tomorrow with a 2012 wrap up!


  1. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas! Happy 2013!

  2. How wonderful to see your family and friends for Christmas!! And Hobbit feet?! That is no slouchy gift, there!

    1. Nope, the 15-year-old, he's good with the gifts!


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