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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Desert: Palm Springs

Palm Springs 1

Part two of my desert adventures happened in February - I met up in Palm Springs with fellow blogger Danielle, etsy-extraordinare Heather, and her friend Holly. We had the best time eating, shopping and walking around taking pictures. Danielle and I were originally planning to attend lectures and tours as part of Modernism Week, but after the first lecture was a complete waste of time, we skipped the rest of the events. So bad! But Palm Springs had more than enough to offer, without fancy lectures. 

Palm Springs 2

It was so fun to have experienced "tour guides" for this trip - Holly & Heather are Palm Springs experts - and they showed me all the fun places to eat and shop. Danielle and I did have our share of foibles: we walked in to a "tour" of a home, just to be told, quite rudely, that it was a private group showing; and I locked my keys in the car, while it was STILL RUNNING. But all in all, it was a great time with fun, new friends, and I walked away with some great thrift store finds. 

I just posted a few photos here, but Danielle did a huge recap of everything on her blog - her post about Pioneertown is especially awesome. So go look at her photos, too! 

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