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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A little crochet cozy

Plant Cozy Again

When Alycia from Habitual Homebody posted the newest crochet along pattern, I was totally into it. A cute cozy that also uses up scraps of yarn? Yup. 

Striped Plant Cozy

And then on top of that, it was my friend Katy's birthday on Saturday, and I knew she'd love her own little aloe plant wrapped in a sweater. Although, wow, this aloe plant is sad. Thanks for nothin', Lowe's.

Plant Cozy

The "pattern" is here at Hopscotch Lane, but I didn't do any of the increases, because as you can see, my pot was a little galvanized tub, not the ceramic kind. It still turned out pretty cute, though, so I think the pattern works for pots of all shapes and sizes. It's inclusive like that. 


  1. Scrapbusting AND cute-ifying a plant? Total win! That looks so cute.

  2. That's a perfect gift!

  3. You did a great job!! I didn't participate this month... didn't really want a pot cozy for myself... never thought of making it for a gift... duh!!!!
    I am going to have to start thinking outside the box!!!

    1. Yeah, this would be perfect for a housewarming gift!

  4. What a great Birthday gift for your friend!

  5. awesome job! i love the stripes. very summery :)


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