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Monday, November 28, 2016

Hawaiian Bees Socks

Busy Bees Socks

I went to Hawaii for the first time in September. After scoping a serious sale on Virgin from LAX to Maui, my best friend and I bought cheap tickets in "celebration" of my birthday. By that I mean, a reason to spend a lot of money to go to Hawaii and enjoy ourselves. Is there a bad reason to go to Hawaii? Nay. But this was our's.

With travel comes the need for a travel project. It must be portable, interesting, and definitely take longer than a week to knit (sorry, vanilla socks, you do not qualify in this instance). I was craving an intricate pair of cabled socks, and this pattern fit the bill perfectly. So I cast on these Busy Bees Socks right before I left, using some Stroll Tonal I had in my stash. 

 Busy Bees Socks 2 Busy Bees Socks 1

They did me well. In fact, it took me much longer than my trip to finish them, since I was interrupted by my Campside Shawl, but I was determined to finish before I started any holiday knitting. I like the finished product - they look amazing - but I do not love these socks. The heel is slightly ill-fitting (and I prefer a slipped stitch heel), and I'm not super in love with Stroll as a sock yarn. It's a bit too hot on my feet, doesn't have much stretch, and felts easily. I'm lazy with my socks, and frequently they end up in the washer and/or dryer. There, I've admitted it. Take me away!

Busy Bees Socks 3

While we're on the subject of confessions, let me also say: I knit in the car. Yes, it's bad, but so is traffic in LA. 

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