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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gloomy Day...

Today is the epitome of January in Chicago - dark, dank, dreary. Gloomy & glum. It is an unseasonal 47 degrees, which means it is raining rather than snowing. I guess that could be considered an "up side." I think the photo to the right is much prettier than Chicago, but it captures the essence.

My plan was to share some thrift store finds with you today, but the light for taking pictures is just horrible.

So here's just a little bit to tide you over. Look how dark that photo is! Last week I found three nice pieces of green glass ware. I have a pretty good collection going of green and milky white glassware. I recently moved into a new apartment with a lot more room to display pretty glass pieces, so I am on the hunt.
There a few rules:
1. Must be green or white, unless part of a set
2. Must be able to actually hold something, even if it is just a candle
3. No fruit motifs
Last Friday I found those three at two different thrift stores. I will share more of my collection with you sometime soon.

ps. I added a fun list of blogs I love to the right!

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