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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holiday Making, Part 2


A few projects to share in a category I shall call "Yarn."

First up, a little yarn project that was inspired by a plethora of wreaths.

Please excuse the terrible picture. Dark wood, dark hallway, etc. Mine is a bit simpler than a lot of wreaths out there, but I like it. Also I had a little felt reindeer to put on it, but it felt excessive.

Next, a little commission from a friend for his sister as a Christmas present. Say that three times fast.

This is a pattern I made up. Raveled here.

For my sister's graduation, I put together a little granny square afghan, made out of random balls of yarn. I had quite a few different weights of yarn in colors that I thought went together well, so I used them together in a stash-busting afghan, a la this.

Last and most challenging, I made two mini Swallowtail shawls. I used modifications from MOONSTITCHES to make them a bit smaller. They were gifted to my great aunt and her sister, my grandmother. Yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, "Socks that Rock." In October I knit a lace shrug for a friend's wedding. Ever since then, I have been excited about knitting lace. It's much more interesting knitting.

Ok, only one more installment of holiday projects - I promise. It'll be worth it! There are lots of cute things to come!


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