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Thursday, April 22, 2010

On puppets, Part 1

I made a good amount of progress on the puppets last night, so I thought I'd share two of them today. These are going to be used in an opening sequence that tells the backstory of the evil witch. So they are meant to be held in the hand so they are mounted on handles.

First up, the "Tears of the King":
Meant to be held like a monocle:
Then a basket of bread, baked to perfection:
And the witch's bread, completely burnt:
The bread is two-sided, with the different paint job on either side.

Wish me luck - I have many more puppets to make before Saturday.


  1. Spoiler alert! Love, love, love them!

  2. omg! those are amazing! I love the bread! did you just use felt or what material did you use?

  3. They are made out of wood, paint & cardboard. The "bread" is styrofoam balls and thick upholstery foam.

  4. Wow. Super cool. I need to learn more about what you are doing. Found you through Urban Craft.


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