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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a few thrifty treasures

One of the best things about vacationing in a small town in southwestern Michigan is the profusion of "Antique Stores." I put that in quotes because, honestly, some of these places are just small, overpriced junk shops. 

However, I was able to find this beauty:

Right before I left for vacation, some friends and I went to eat at Sticky Rice (some of the best Thai food in Chicago), and walked by a huge garage sale. Turns out this guy sells stuff on ebay, but just had too much and needed to clear out some room in his garage, which was packed to the gills. There was a big crate of colored glass, one of my favorite things to collect.

He sold me this glass milk pitcher and sugar bowl for $4 each, while telling me they were worth $30 each. Hrm... not so sure...


  1. oooo. those are both lovely! My first thought was, what a great pin! but then when I saw the blue glasses....hmmm, not sure which I like more!

    and yea, my boy with the purse. Funny kid.

  2. lol you should eat sticky rice in those bowls. because that's what fancy people do.


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