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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

and now for the big finish: Owls

I proudly present to you, my Owls:

I really could not be more happy with this finished sweater. I knit size "5" using a skein and half of Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool- and it knit up fast. About three weeks total, and honestly, I didn't knit much the second week.

A little note about the fit - I am reluctant to knit sweaters in sizes that match my measurements. I always err on the side of negative ease, especially when knitting a bulky sweater. However, my gauge was slightly off with the Ecological Wool, so this one worked out perfectly. I absolutely love the neckline, and I think the overall fit is very flattering.

Check out those darts in the back, though. Do you see them starting way down there by my butt? I have a pretty long torso, and ended up adding length at the top of the back, before I started the owls. In hindsight (puns!), I would have knit another inch or two before I started the darts in the back. 

This was not helped by the fact that when I blocked the sweater, it grew about two inches in length. That was a-ok with me, but if you don't like long sweaters, beware. 

Check out that collar bone! 

I went with buttons on just one owl. It think it looks a little like a brooch, don't you? 

Overall I am very happy with how it came out - perfect for this cold weather that is already beginning to sneak up on us. 

PS: My sister shot and edited these gorgeous pictures - isn't she talented?


  1. Wow, I can't believe what a perfect fit it is! Well done! And you look gooooorgeous in it. I made one for my niece a few months ago, and I wasn't really sure I wanted one for myself, it seemed to be more of a child sweater.. But on you it looks super feminine, I really love it!

  2. OMG it's so perfect! Good job! And it is a very flattering fit!

  3. Thanks, everyone!

    fridica - I agree, I was also apprehensive! I think it's that neckline. It makes it much more sophisticated.

  4. Oh Katie- I love it SO MUCH! You are inspiring me to pick up some needles, but the last sweater I tried was disaster- I have trouble with the sleeve area =)

  5. I love this! So cute!

  6. I must say you are very talented! I love that sweater!

  7. I can't handle this sweater. Its amazing.


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