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Sunday, August 28, 2011

long time, no...

Hello my bloggy friends. It is I, Sir Thomas More. The rabbit. Not the historical figure. 


Katie has had a crazy week, so I offered to update her blog, since I am so good at typing with my nimble paws. After planning and prepping for her friends' wedding last week, she sent me to the bunny hotel, where I ate hay and stared at other bunnies. It's been awhile since I've had quality time with other buns, and I really loved it. When they took me home on Monday, I got so upset that I took a bite out of every piece of furniture I could. Take THAT, humans! 

Then Katie was sick for a few days, but now we are both feeling much better and have resumed our daily snuggling. And by "snuggling," I mean I let her pet and groom me. I do not groom her, because I am top bunny around here, and it would be beneath me. Can't you tell I'm distinguished? Helloooo - I have a salt & pepper coat. If that's not distinguished, I don't know what is. 

Katie will be back tomorrow with lots of crafty projects to show you!

Fondest Regards,
Sir Thomas More


  1. Sir Thomas! You are a super beautiful bunny. Expect fan mail from a certain gray rabbit I know. Way to hold down the blog while your slave is away :)

  2. Awww! This post made me so happy! I wish bunnies wrote more blogs, in general :) Thank you for the update and have fun snugglin'!

  3. Tommy! Three things:
    1. I miss you!
    2. Katie is practically a profession groomer. Just ask her, she used to groom me by picking sock lint from in between my toes. You are one lucky bun!
    3. Your attitude is quite similar to a sister of mine. Hmm, iiiinteresting.

    All in all, GREAT post! :)


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