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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little Yoda Bottle Cozy

I'm always on the lookout for cute baby patterns, and I've found a doozy in Gabrielle Thériaultin's Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy

Little Yoda

I've had this one in my Ravelry queue for awhile, just waiting for the right moment. See, I like to save a few different levels of hand knit baby patterns, and I consider this pattern the perfect first level pattern. Just a little something to congratulate the expecting parents - a small toy, a pair of booties or socks, and now, Yoda on a baby bottle!

Yoda with a bottle
Those decreases look like little eyebrows, I love it!

He's knit with leftovers from my Christmas stockings, and covers a Nuk baby bottle. I don't actually know anything about baby bottles, so I hope this is an acceptable one to gift. 

I made a few changes - I knit the pattern on size 5 needles, instead of size 4. I also just knit until the body seemed like it would cover the bottle before doing some decreases at the top, and I only did one row of decreases (knit 5, k2tog, instead of as written). This means it's just a bit tight at the top, and fits this bottle well. And I embroidered large eyes, instead of squinty ones. 

Yoda's hood

I love the little hood on the back of the jacket! The details really make it. This is pretty much the perfect pattern for any Star Wars loving parents and their future-Star-Wars-loving baby! 


  1. Love this!! I can't wait to knit one of these up!

    1. Do it! Such a quick little project.

  2. The cuteness!!! I've had this in my queue as well, you've renewed my interest in it. Nuk is definitely a good bottle- I use a Nuk brand with my baby, too! What a thoughtful gift, they will love it.

    1. Good to know. I just tweet you all baby bottle-related questions from now on, haha!

  3. I made an R2-D2 hat for my nephew - his sibling is arriving in January, and I think this is now on my must-make list!

    1. The perfect friend for an R2-D2 hat!


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