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Friday, June 21, 2013

A Lacey Red Hat and talk about Show Biz

Here's a hat I've been meaning to show you for a while. Remember how I said I was all about knitting with my stash yarn? Yeah, that motivation also created this hat. The pattern is Debbie Stoller's All-Day Beret, and the yarn is Knit Pick Shine Worsted left over from this debacle

More Red Hat

What do we think? I'm going to talk business right now, and by business, I mean the entertainment industry. Aka, The Business of Show

Helloooo Red Hat

There's a trend right now for ladies my age to get not just one headshot (that looks like them and is lovely), but lot of headshots with different "looks." Inevitably, one of these "looks" is some sort of hipster person wearing a slouchy hat such as this one, and/or glasses.

In some ways, I want to embrace that trend because I look darn good in this slouchy hat! And I love wearing fake glasses. But in other ways, it seems silly and I think I should just trust my local casting director to know that if I look like a person in a picture, I can also put on a hat and look like the same person, but a hipster. 

Red Hat

All this to say: I haven't actually worn this hat in public, but it turned out great. 


  1. Cute hat! I love it! Headshots are so funny-- I see lots of them that are really awkward and strange. I could see you doing a headshot with a hat on because it looks totally natural on you and not like a costume or "character".

    1. Right?! Maybe I'll work that second one into rotation. I like that my expression is kind of judgy, too!


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