Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vintage Crafts - Nixon's Presidential Seal, finished in Crewel

the seal, hangin' with my books & owl

I posted in July about a special commission I was working on - The Presidential Seal, worked in crewel. I've finished stitching, and it turned out so well!

the seal, complete

This was a great opportunity to brush up on my crewel stitches - I especially loved the stitch used on the leaves. 

closeup on the seal

Wanna see the back? No one ever shows the back of their projects, but I'm not shy:

the back

After I framed it and glued down the fabric, I covered the back of the frame in brown paper. I love this nice clean look. 

After Chad (he who commissioned this piece) saw my last post, he sent me some fun pictures. Here's Nixon and Elvis, chilling in the Oval Office. You can see the crewel seal on the wall on the right side.

RN with Elvis

And here's a picture of the actual piece stitched by Julie Nixon:

Presidential Seal Crewel to RN from JN

It's fun to compare Julie's work with mine. She did some stitches that were very different than those suggested in the kit, which makes me think it was manufactured after Julie made her piece. Look at how things catch on!


  1. Oh, I love it! Tres presidential - I actually think my dad would die for one of these!

  2. Wow, this really turned out fantastic ! May I ask what Crewel wool you used and how you liked it?

  3. It does not surprise me Julie Nixon would make a crewel presidential seal. I understand she considers Ivan the Terrible too liberal.. (Posting as Anonymous because I am a coward.)


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