Monday, September 30, 2013

My first embroidery pattern! CANDY for Halloween 2013! Free pattern, wheee!

Candy - Halloween 2013

I'm so proud to introduce my first embroidery pattern for Red Letter Day Stitches - CANDY!

You can download it for free here

Candy Closeup

Allyson and I have been working so hard on this project, and it all starts today. We've even created a handy (and free) stitch guide to help out first time stitchers! 

Halloween 2013

I really love my finished sampler - I think I'm going to make a pillow out of it. Wouldn't that be cute - a little round Halloween pillow? 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Red Letter Day Stitches - Launching Monday!

I've been hard at work on my new project with Allyson - Red Letter Day Stitches!

Halloween Sneak Peek

Next Monday we're launching our first (free!) pattern - a Halloween pattern that I designed, all about my favorite part of the holidays, the food! 

Allyson and I have a lot of fun things cooked up for these patterns, but I'm most excited about the stitch-alongs! We set up a forum on the Red Letter Day Stitches blog, and we're using that to organize SAL's for each pattern. 

Red Letter Day Stitch Sneak Peek

So, please, join us in some stitchy holiday fun on Monday! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crochet Beach Bag, Finished!

Crochet Beach Bag

Oh, just a photo of the crochet Beach Bag that took me waaay too long to finish. I started it as part of Alycia's crochet along for JUNE. Yes, June. But I've finished it, photographed it, and posted it to this blog, and I think that's what counts, right?

The white yarn is some Sugar & Cream, and the cream is leftover from my favorite summer sweater. I initially planned to ombre dye the whole thing, but then when it was finished I really liked the subtle color blocking. So I'm leaving it as-is for the moment, and when it gets nice and dirty, I'll stick the whole thing in a dye bath as planned. 

Crochet Bag Closeup

This means I get to cross off another one of my summer goals, and since it was 100 degrees yesterday, I say I still have time to complete the remaining goals. After all, crossing things off lists is one of my greatest pleasures in life!