Sunday, August 28, 2011

long time, no...

Hello my bloggy friends. It is I, Sir Thomas More. The rabbit. Not the historical figure. 


Katie has had a crazy week, so I offered to update her blog, since I am so good at typing with my nimble paws. After planning and prepping for her friends' wedding last week, she sent me to the bunny hotel, where I ate hay and stared at other bunnies. It's been awhile since I've had quality time with other buns, and I really loved it. When they took me home on Monday, I got so upset that I took a bite out of every piece of furniture I could. Take THAT, humans! 

Then Katie was sick for a few days, but now we are both feeling much better and have resumed our daily snuggling. And by "snuggling," I mean I let her pet and groom me. I do not groom her, because I am top bunny around here, and it would be beneath me. Can't you tell I'm distinguished? Helloooo - I have a salt & pepper coat. If that's not distinguished, I don't know what is. 

Katie will be back tomorrow with lots of crafty projects to show you!

Fondest Regards,
Sir Thomas More

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Blogher Book Club Review - The Kid

My new review for Blogher's Book Club is up, here. The Kid by Sapphire, is the sequel to Push, and is not  for the faint of heart. My feelings toward this one were a bit complicated, and the other reviews are worth reading. Find them all here

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scrappy Swap with Caitlin from Salty Oat

pretty table

I am so excited to show you the fruits of a swap that has been in the making for almost a year. Yup, it was this post last October that started it all. I offered to knit some tiny candy corn for Caitlin of Salty Oat and she suggested a swap. Well, fast forward about 7 months, and we finally agreed that we would much rather do a sewing swap. The parameters were as follows:

1. We will assemble packages of fabric scraps and swap
2. We will create something with said scraps and our own scraps
3. We will swap this scrappy item 

This was so. fun. Here's what Caitlin made for me:

close up on quilted placemats

Beautiful quilted placemats that go so well in my dining room! I love how well our scraps go together with the linen. Caitlin's sewing is impeccable.

quilted placemats at the table

back of quilted placemats

And here's what I made for her:

chevron tote

inside of chevron tote

chevron tote

A patchwork chevron tote bag! I used this tutorial for the chevrons, and lined it and put in a little embroidered pocket. I just love a good embroidered pocket

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just listed - Balls of Yarn & Needles Brooch

Just a quick post to say that these little balls of yarn & needles brooches are now in my etsy shop, here

a few balls of yarn

I need a better name for these guys, right?!

Monday, August 8, 2011

This weekend in Saline...

This weekend at the Saline Summerfest...

under the very red umbrella

I hung out under my red umbrella. My mom told me she almost put up on her facebook to "Visit Katie in her red tent!" before realizing that might not be the best turn of phrase...

Also - check out my new banner hanging behind me. Exciting stuff. 


I took part in a collaboration with my fellow vendor - You Look Delicious. Lookit that Man-Eating Arctic Unicorn wearing one of my mustaches!

new brooch display

We came up with a new hanging brooch display. Later we backed it with white paper, and I think it worked quite well.

some new mounted curios

Many people admired the huuuuge mustache... but no one purchased it. I'm sure it will find its way to a happy home soon.

new design

I came up with a new brooch design. This one has been in the works for awhile, so I'm glad it's finally realized.

me & my sis

I hung out with my sister a lot, due to her manning the 212 Arts Center booth, which was just two down from me. She bought me a frozen hot chocolate when I was covered with sweat, so I pretty much owe her my life.

project pouch and beach glass ring

I made two purchases - a pretty quilted pouch from Hip To Piece Squares and a beach glass ring from Annie O'Kane. I love both!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My review of A Good Hard Look on BlogHer's Book Club

Hi, friends! My second review for BlogHer's Book Club is up. A Good Hard Look is my kind of summer reading, so check out my review here.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Craft Fair Fun: Saline Summerfest

I've been a busy bee, prepping for my second craft fair.

i spy...

I'll be heading to my hometown of Saline, Michigan for the Saline Summerfest. It starts tomorrow, August 5th, from 5pm to 9pm and continues on Saturday, August 6th, from 10am to 8pm. If you're in the area, come out and see me!

I created a few new things for this fair - can you spy a giant mustache?

a little school of fish

This little school of fish are my favorites, though. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage Crafts - Nixon's Presidential Seal

A few weeks ago, a guy came into Sifu and asked if anyone knew how to do crewel embroidery. He had a crewel kit that he found on ebay, and he wanted to commission someone to sew it for him. I agreed - obviously - and he told me the story that goes along with it.

close up on the presidential seal

Apparently Nixon had the same seal, done in crewel, hanging in his office! His daughter made it for him when he was elected president. I did a bit of research and found this paragraph from The Making of the President 1968, by Theodore H. White:

"By the time Nixon woke, at about nine o'clock, the election had jelled on television for the nation, as for political operators. Haldeman found Nixon, about nine, already awake, sleepy-eyed and in pajamas; now, for the first time, Nixon turned on the TV sets and watched the reports. ABC had already conceded him the election; as Haldeman and Nixon watched the screens, NBC also conceded; and Nixon, still in pajamas and bathrobe, walked down the hall to his daughters' bedroom to tell them, too. But they had already heard the news and Julie was ready to present to him the gift she had been secretly sewing for him for several weeks - the Presidential seal, done in crewel." 

presidential seal

Pretty great story - no matter what your thoughts are on Nixon. I'll post updated pictures when I'm done!