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Monday, February 1, 2010

Holiday Making, Part 3


To start us off, a cute little reindeer ornament friend:

This is based on a pattern I came across awhile ago for a felt lamb. It is tiny - about 3" tall. The horns are made of wire and painted brown. It was gifted to my boyfriend's parents.

My sister in law is very fond of requesting gifts. For her daughter, my two year old niece, she sent me a picture of a felt lunch. (No source! I'm sorry! If anyone recognizes this, please link me.) The lunch that I made for my niece turned out very well. A sandwich, bag of chips and a cupcake.

After making the piece of lettuce and tomato for the sandwich, I was inspired to make...

A felt BLT!

This is actually a magnet set. Five little magnets - two pieces of toast, tomato, lettuce and bacon. Because of the magnets, they stick together like a sandwich. This was gifted to my best friend. I plan to make a few more for the selling soon.

I also made some pins using this tutorial. A great way to use up some extra fabric scraps. I used a glue gun. Much faster, and I really loved the results. These were gifted to my friends and sister in law. Very cute!

In the past few weeks I've found quite a few awesome things on Craigslist and at thrifts stores, so I'll show you those soon!


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