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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Craigslist Finds

My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment just over two months ago. We both lived with other roommates before that, and had very little furniture to call our own. No table, no couch, cheap dressers, etc. It was a dire situation.

I turned to the Craigslist.

First find: In December we found this gorgeous "credenza," which we use as a dresser in our bedroom.
Ok, it's a bit small. But I had to have it. It is really beautiful. Definitely the highest quality of all our new furnitures.

After that, I was on the look out for a similar piece to serve as an entertainment center to set the tv on. I didn't really find anything I liked until we stumbled across this unique cabinet:
It's a cabinet for holding records! Inside there are two shelves with wires to stand up your records. We put dvd's in there. Modern times, you know. I really like this piece because it is a little bit smaller. Our apartment is big for us, but it is still only a one-bedroom. Small things make more sense.

Chris needed a new desk, as his old desk had died a pathetic death as only a cheap particle board desk could do. It literally just pulled apart.
After searching many places online (Target, Ikea) and scouring the CL ads, this baby popped up. Happy Birthday, Chris!

Last, but not least, the sofa.
I search for a good long time for this one. I considered buying an "expensive" couch from a store. Did you know that couches are really expensive?! But then, about a week ago, I found this: vintage, brocade, gold, with wood accents! It's really much more gold than the picture shows, which means it is my favorite color. I am planning on doing the room in gold and grey, a current color combo obsession. Also, we bought this for $150. It was so cheap because the springs were all popped out underneath. The woman we bought it from explained how to fix it, and Chris did so! So far it is holding up...

One thing I have to say about all these purchases: buying from Craigslist has treated us really well. Not only is it good for the environment (reusing!), but there are some really cool, quirky things out there. On top of that, the people are genuinely interesting and interested in you! Of these four pieces, two were bought from independent furniture businesses, one from an artist working in a garage, and one from a professional furniture maker. All these people were very kind and fair. Many of them gave me first dibs (because I had responded first), even when offered more money! All-in-all, I would reccomend the Craigslist.


  1. OH MY GOD THOSE ARE GORGEOUS!!! It deserves shouting about.

    Note to self take lessons from katie while trying to find mid-century modern piece to use as bookshelf in apartment that I am trying to make more midcentury modern.

  2. Ooo! I actually did not yet take a picture of the bookshelf we found at MODE on Damen. Look there!

  3. Love all these things! Very into it!!!!


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