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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quick Little Monster!

I made this little guy yesterday from this kit, which I received as part of a Secret Santa back in December. It only took about a half an hour because there is no sewing required. The body is already sewn for you and you seal it with "magic tape" aka velcro. All the little felt circles have sticky stuff on the back, and you just stick them on your monster wherever you wish. Pretty cute, but I thought he could use a few stitches. So add 10 minutes for stitching time.

This kit would be a great gift for a child who has not mastered sewing yet, but wants to create.

Also, it looks like a 5 legged cat, but the kit claims it is an octopus. Hrm...


  1. It is not so much an octopus as an alien with very large teets.


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