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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

pretty pillows

Ok, so I showed you the beginning of these awhile ago...
Two pillows done! Of course just as I was finishing these up, a trip to ikea provided me with another pillow to cover (for a very low price).

The octagon shape is from my very favorite crochet book, "Crochet Motif Item." Yup, it's in Japanese. The lovely thing about crochet motifs is that you can figure them out from the diagrams. I got this book from ebay - it can be kinda hard to find otherwise. It is also a very basic octagon shape that you can probably find in other books.

The square pillow is just a regular ol' granny square. It was inspired by the lovely emma lamb. She makes very beautiful cushions in classic color combinations. All her work has a nice vintage feel to it.

Much love and yarny goodness!


  1. I love them both. The color are wonderful! I'm excited to see the next pillow you cover. They are very inspiring.

  2. They look so nice on your gold couch!!


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