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Saturday, March 6, 2010

a new friend!

On Wednesday, Chris and I adopted a new buddy...
His name is Sir Thomas More, aka Tommy. We adopted him from the Red Door Animal Shelter, which is one of the few animal shelters in Chicago that has rabbits. He is about a year old, and loves to hide behind the couch.
I think he thinks it's his burrow. Look at that little tail! It is my favorite part of him. His coat is black with a sprinkling of white hairs. I think it makes him look distinguished, just like his namesake. He is a bit skittish at this point, especially during the day. I think the light makes him nervous. But at night, he hops around the house with free reign.
Ok, literally AS I was typing this post, he suddenly had a fit of energy and I was able to get a few better pictures of him. We also snuggled.
Look at those little white-tipped paws!
blurry, but cute.

aaanndd... I already have plans for a photo shoot involving an easter basket.

Ok, I swear the next post will involve a completed craft. I promise!


  1. he's sooo cute! i like his white paws :) can't wait to meet he cuddly, or too busy hopping around??

  2. What happened to Mr. Buttons??? Tommy is very cute....I hope he is feeling at home now!


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