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Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's almost August - which means it's sweater time

I don't know why - but about two weeks ago I got a hankering to start a sweater...

It makes no sense. It's almost 90 degrees every day here, and yet I wanted to knit a thick, wintery sweater. Maybe I'm already dreaming of Autumn?

So yesterday I cast on Owls by Kate Davies. I have been meaning to knit this (and all of Kate's other designs) for about 83739283 years. So I finally pulled myself together and ordered some Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool. Let me tell you something about this Ecological Wool....

The skeins are huge, as you can see it displayed above next to my head for scale. I was afraid that the yarn would be really rough, but I'm happy with it. It's wool, so it's not as soft as a baby's bottom, but I don't think it will irritate my skin either. Looking at that picture with the yarn next to my face, I think I picked a pretty flattering color!

Do you have a Ravelry account? If so, here's my link to this project. Let's be Rav friends!


  1. I LOVE the size of that skein! I made an Owls for my 12-year-old niece this spring, and I loved how fast it went in such bulky yarn. Instant gratification! : )

  2. I am already at the waist shaping! It's such a fun & quick knit.

  3. That yarn alone makes me think that sweater will end up being soft and comfortable. Looks like a fun project!

  4. How many skeins will you need for the owls sweater? I have only 2 skeins sitting around and I guess the most I could make would be a vest or a short sleeved cardi... Don't you love how soft that wool is?


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