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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Renegade Run-Down

This weekend was the craft fair to top all craft fairs - The Renegade Craft Fair! I hit it up on Saturday when the weather was less than stellar - cold and rainy - but that meant that we got to the photo booth first! I saw a lot of inspiring stuff, but took home a surprisingly small haul:

I finally got my hands on a small print from Berkley Illustration, and my impulse purchase was that adorable little fawn cup from Soda by Amy. I bought a few other things, but they're gifts, and therefore must remain in a secret chamber until the time of giving. 

Part of the fun of Renegade is getting to meet all my favorite bloggers & etsy-ers. I met Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and Katie from Skunkboy Creatures. They were super sweet and took a picture with me. 

I had a funny chat with Megan from The Binding Bee about how cool it is to be featured on Etsy - but how people in 'the real word' don't quite understand. She was just interviewed for the "Quit Your Day Job" feature, and I think Chris was coveting one of her lovely hand-bound journals. 

I also grabbed a lot of business cards, but this one from Soda by Amy was by far my favorite. It's a little ceramic coin stamped with her info, and it really caught my attention. Amy joked that it was her best-selling item!

There is another renegade craft fair just before the holidays, and I am excited to see the differences between the two fairs. I have to admit that this trip was part reconnaissance - I hope to be a vendor some day. A girl can dream!


  1. Thanks for the link love! I have had visitors of your blog checking out my site this week. :) --Megan (The Binding Bee)


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