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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

technical difficulties....

Sorry for the lack of blog-age around here. We have been very unhappy with our ISP for awhile (who shall remain nameless...) so we've been trying to switch for the past week or so, meaning we have not had any internet at home, a sad situation.

Ooo, and these little labels. I ordered them awhile ago from a rather generic label website and I just looove them, but I keep forgetting to sew them on things! The next batch of stuff will have them, I promise (myself).

Also in the past week or three I've noticed a little bump in followers - Welcome, new friends! Thanks for all the kind comments, I'm glad you're here!

I'm counting down to 100 posts now (this should be 92?), and I'm thinking about a doing a 100th Post Giveaway! What kinds of things would you like to win? My creations? Craft Supplies? Vintage... something? 


  1. Love the labels! Vintage or one of your crafties!! :D

  2. The labels are so cute--where did you order them from?

    Also, one of your own creations (with one of those super cute tags on it) would be awesome for a giveaway!


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