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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mustache Giaganticus

Don't even think of looking at what I made last week....

My old roommate and best friend, Melissa, left Chicago for LA on Wednesday. A few months ago, after seeing my mounted mustaches, she requested that I make her a large mustache. A huge mustache. The biggest possible stuffed and mounted mustache!

I presented it to her on Tuesday at her going away party, and suffice it to say - she loved it. It's made in pretty much the same way that I made the small mounted mustaches (hand sewn and painted), everything is just a lot bigger. It was kinda fun to work on such a large scale! It will hang proudly in her new apartment in LA, which she will share with two guys. I think they'll approve. 

These gorgeous photos? Courtesy of the lovely and talented Emily Hoskins


  1. I believe the only appropriate descriptor is EPIC.

  2. Love it! I think Melissa will love it out here too :)

  3. So great! Buck and I need one of those...If Melissa needs some Chicagoans to hang with, please give her our contact info.

  4. Thanks, friends!

    Kate - I mentioned to Melissa that you guys were out there last weekend! I will put you guys in touch!


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