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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I've been busy directing a reading of a new play - Su Sessiz. One of my favorite things about theater in Chicago is the sense of open collaboration between artists. A playwright starts the process, and then the director comes in and adds their ideas, and the cast and the designers add theirs, and finally the audience responds - for better or worse.

This is rare with sewing projects, but lately I've been lucky enough to collaborate with a few shop owners and artists on some new items.

custom mounted owl

A special wedding owl.

back of the custom mounted wedding owl

A set of patches commissioned by my life-long friend, Randi, for her etsy shop. Check out her baby hats - so cute

new patches

A special mustache for Sacred Art's 5th Anniversary. 

Special Mustache!

A special mustache for Sacred Art's 5th Anniversary

A million owl magnets for Sifu Design Studio

felt magnets


  1. I love collaborating too. It was my favorite part of being an illustrator, and of painting murals. Love your little felty things, especially the bunny!
    <3 mom


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