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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

recent vintage finds

I haven't had a ton of time to thrift lately, but I did want to share a few fun finds from the past few months.

First, the prettiest vintage sheet you-ever-did-see:

vintage sheet

Second, when I went home to my parents' house for my cousin's wedding in February, my dad insisted I look through some of the stuff in their basement. I found this groovy hanging lamp, perfect for illuminating my favorite crafting spot:

groovy hanging lamp

And finally, some Pyrex. I've dabbled in collecting Pyrex in the past, but never really got INTO it. Well, watch out, because this gold butterfly pattern is awesome:

pyrex collection

I was gifted the casserole dish, and found the butter dish on ebay and the shakers on etsy (here). All in great condition and all in frequent use in our home!


  1. Holy crud, I love all this stuff! When do you have the time to be awesome and express your awesomeness through things?

  2. Thanks! I can always find time for shopping!

  3. They are all lovely. The vintage sheet is my fav for sure!

  4. eeek! these are all sooo amazing! i love the pyrex, such a pretty orange color :)


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