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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sister Sweater Complete.

Meg's Sweater - Detail

I've finished Meghan's Sweater, and I love it. I don't want to part with it... But I will! I mean, it's too tight for me anyway....

Meg's Sweater - Front

It's an extreme modification of this pattern, knit with Knit Pick's Andes Del Campo yarn in Vineyard Heather. I'm telling you - this yarn is awesome. The color is lovely, the texture is lovely; it's soft while knitting, and even softer after blocking. This may be my new favorite Aran yarn! 

Meg's Sweater - Back

I took the basic shape of the pattern, and threw out the rest. In the body section, I added chunky 5x5 cables with a gorgeous braided cable up the center back. I pulled inspiration from Aidez for the sleeves, and knit one 5x5 cable down the center, with the rest in stockinette. The sleeves were picked up around the drop-shoulders and knit down with decreases on the inside of the arm, and finished with matching 4x4 rib at the cuff. 

Meg's Sweater - Side

It's so cozy and slouchy, I hope Meghan gets to wear it every day for what little winter is left! 


  1. I CAN'T WAIT TO RECEIVE IT!!!! It's so beautiful, I know I will love it and cherish it forever!

  2. Jealous!!! It's beautiful, Katie!! You are SO talented!!!

  3. ooh, it's gorgeous!! I love the colour, and it looks spectacular.

  4. Hi Katie! First of all- SO nice seeing you at the screening - small world/LA :-) I hope you are liking it here! Second- Question: How would a person acquire a sweater such as the lovely one above and how much would said sweater cost per say? :-)

    1. Hey Lexi - thanks for visiting my blog! I'm going to write you a response on FB, ok?

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Your sister is one lucky gal!

  6. It's SO beautiful! I wouldn't want to part with it either :P Good work!


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