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Monday, March 17, 2014

Knitting for Baby Boys.

I have two nieces, so I've knit a lot for little ladies, but no so much for little dudes. But this past year, my brother had a son, and a good friend just gave birth to a little boy, so lots of knitting for baby boys!

I knit two little cardigans that were very similar, so I thought I'd put them together in one big post:

Brennan in his Trellis

My nephew, little red-headed Brennan, in his Trellis. This is a free pattern from Knitty, so there were tons of great ideas for modifications on Ravelry. However... I knit is as-is. I made the medium size using size 7 needles and Lion Brand Cotton-Ease.

This little sweater took a long. ass. time. It's so tiny, but full of cables and seed stitches, so it's a bit deceiving. This was Brennan's Christmas gift, and I was knitting it up until the moment that picture was taken. So I cut some corners with the finishing and crocheted the seams together, and used 3-Needle Bind Off instead of grafting the shoulders. 

Despite my poor time-management skills, it turned out great. It looks flippin' adorable on him, and I didn't have any of the problems with the collar that other Ravelers talked about. I thought it folded nicely, which could be due to the heavy drape of the cotton yarn. 

Front of the Baby Sophisticate

Here's the little Baby Sophisticate that I knit up for Alex's baby, Finn. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease and size 10 needles. This is another free pattern that only comes in one size, but I followed these modifications to make it a bit bigger. Alex and her husband are both over 6', and Finn arrived at 13lbs, so I knew that he'd need the extra room! 

Back of the Baby Sophisticate

This was a super quick little knit, made quicker by knitting the arms in the round using Magic Loop. It will definitely be my go-to baby sweater from now on. I added some fun, colorful buttons, and called it done!

Dapper Baby Sweater!


  1. A 13-lb baby?!?!?! Shocking! These are both SUPER cute! I've made the Baby Sophisticate before, which is fast and easy, but not the Trellis. It looks amazing! I'd love to try it for a little dude!

  2. love the buttonson the baby sophisticate. I dont think i would go to all the cable effort for a small person who will grow out of it so quickly. cables are reseved for me! lol

    1. Haha, that is an excellent point!! And thanks!

  3. We love this sweater! I need to send you a pic with Finny in it. He's SO giant now (15lbs. at not quite 3 months)-oof!


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