Saturday, April 24, 2010

Puppets, Part 2

Thanks for all the feedback on my stick puppets! They were made using cardboard which is mounted on a wooden stick (scrap wood). Above you can see a puppet in progress. I start with a base form and then layer some elements over it, like the vest and hair above. Then I give it a base coat of white gesso, and then paint over it.
For the Narrator, I was going for more of a muppet-style. Above is his head before adding facial elements, and below is after.
Everything is pinned into place until I get director approval. I must admit I had a pretty hard time with this guy - I have never done anything like this before - and I had to rebuild his entire head after I realized it was too large and skeletal-looking.
These cuties, however, are coming along nicely! Ok, so they're naked now, but I swear they will have clothes soon. These small hand puppets will be used at the beginning of Act 2.

I will update with more shots as I get them - including shots from them in use at the show - Sticky Forest, Part 1.

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  1. They look very cool. I am disappointed they aren't dowels and foam orbs though.


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