Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scrappy Swap with Caitlin from Salty Oat

pretty table

I am so excited to show you the fruits of a swap that has been in the making for almost a year. Yup, it was this post last October that started it all. I offered to knit some tiny candy corn for Caitlin of Salty Oat and she suggested a swap. Well, fast forward about 7 months, and we finally agreed that we would much rather do a sewing swap. The parameters were as follows:

1. We will assemble packages of fabric scraps and swap
2. We will create something with said scraps and our own scraps
3. We will swap this scrappy item 

This was so. fun. Here's what Caitlin made for me:

close up on quilted placemats

Beautiful quilted placemats that go so well in my dining room! I love how well our scraps go together with the linen. Caitlin's sewing is impeccable.

quilted placemats at the table

back of quilted placemats

And here's what I made for her:

chevron tote

inside of chevron tote

chevron tote

A patchwork chevron tote bag! I used this tutorial for the chevrons, and lined it and put in a little embroidered pocket. I just love a good embroidered pocket


  1. Oh my gosh, both these gifts are sooo beautiful! There is nothing you can't so! I am so impressed. This is a really good idea for a swap!

  2. SNAP - we have the same dining table!

  3. Gasp! Both things are so flipping adorable! Sometimes swaps are hard because you end up making something that you'd like to keep, but I'd say you both ended up with something fabulous!

  4. Oh how fun!!! The placemats do look great in your dining room and the bag you made is, of course, adorable!

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  6. i love the quilti-ness of those placemats! what a great gift. and love your bags too!

  7. That bag is beautiful! Great colors!

  8. these projects are GORGEOUS!! and the table and chairs.. SWOON! :D i want to see more of your house. : )


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