Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a little crochet

mollie mag

A few weeks ago I got myself the newest Mollie Makes magazine, as motivation to finish a few commissions. It came with a free kit to crochet a rose brooch, which I was pretty excited about. 

Except I forgot about how bad I am at reading crochet patterns. I ended up starting this thing three times before I was able to complete it. (Hint: read up on the differences between British and American crochet terms before you start a new project.)

rose brooch

 Luckily it turned out pretty cute! 

doily brooches

After that hard-won success, I dove into Goodknits' Doily Brooch pattern. Lisa of Goodknits released this as a free pattern right before Mother's Day - she's so nice - so I crocheted up one for my Mom and one for my Grandma. This is such a cute and detailed pattern, and only took about 40 minutes! I will definitely be making another one for myself! 

doily brooches 2


  1. Those brooches are pretty! I keep telling myself I need to work on my crochet... I can do a chain, and that's it. I used to try to learn but I'm hopelessly bad at it.

    1. Thanks, lady! Yeah, I'm pretty bad, but just kept going until it looked like something decent!

  2. Those are some very cute little brooches. I'm mostly a knitter, but little projects like this make me want to get better at crochet so I can make a zillion of them! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, you should definitely look into them!

  3. My friend Sandra read your blog and it brought back memories of a rose she had made in 1980! So she found it and brought it to Cakeaters to show me! She also had the original magazine (maybe GoodHousekeeping?) with the pattern! Isn't that fun!


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