Thursday, May 23, 2013

Adventures: Seattle & Port Townsend, WA

Typical Seattle Picture

This past weekend I went on a little trip to Seattle to get this guy (Chris. My boyfriend.) and see the show he's been working on Port Townsend, WA. Chris is a stage manager, and lately he's taken a few more jobs out of town, which is always a fun excuse to travel!

Me & Andi, for the first time!

We spent early Saturday in Seattle, and I got to meet up with my long-time blog-friend, Andi, from Untangling Knots! It's so fun meeting up with people, but with Andi it was especially awesome, since we've "known" each other online for so long. And she was wearing a super cute hand knit sweater, too! 

Chris sits on the Iron Throne (Uncomfortably)

Chris and I went to the EMP Museum to see all the nerdy stuff like props and costumes from our favorite SciFi/Fantasy/Horror movies and TV. Which, to be honest, there was less than I thought. But the stuff they DID have was pretty cool, including this Iron Throne to sit on and take pictures. Chris was just begging to be thrown off... (throne.. off?!!? ehhh??)

I sit on the Iron Throne

Clearly I'm more devious.

Crossing a Bridge

Then we got in the car and drove around the bay to Port Townsend, WA, where Chris was working at the Key City Public Theater

So. Charming.

Port Townsend is an adorable little town, and I was kinda jealous that Chris got to spend the last month and half there. 

On Top of a Huge Hill

The Bay

The Swan B&B

Beautiful Port!

Artsy Log

We ate a lot of delicious seafood, drank some yummy drinks, and of course I had to visit the local yarn store and purchase something. 

Very soft, hand-dyed, French Crewel Thread

I got these super soft, hand dyed, French crewel threads at Bazaar Girls! Finding crewel supplies is hard enough, so I knew I had to get a few of these high quality threads. I wanted to buy all the colors! 

So if you're in Seattle and want to take a little day trip - Port Townsend is highly recommended! Very cute and cozy town with lots to see, do, and eat. 


  1. Looks like it was an amazing time!! And how fun to meet up with blogger buddies, that makes it extra special.

    1. Right!? If I ever get up north, you better believe you're on my list! ;)

  2. How cool to meet a Ravelry pal in real life that you have so much in common with! My children laugh at my "computer friends" as if it's unreal, like a Canadian girlfriend. But it works for me. Lately I've been thinking of starting a knitting group, which would probably have to include lessons, just to make some more crafty friends locally, but it's hard to break out of the late night pjs and netflix knitting rut.

    1. Yup, my "real life" friends also find it strange, but I've met some of the best people online, and I don't care who knows it! And I totally agree - Andi has a great knitting group in Seattle and I'm a little jealous. There's nothing like that down here in LA!

  3. What a lovely little town! And it sounds like you had loads of fun! I love meeting up with online friends. :)

    1. It was fun! And so nice to finally meet in person!

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous town! I've never been to the Pacific Northwest, but it looks so beautiful!

    1. After visiting both Portland and Seattle, I'm starting to fall in love with it!

  5. It was awesome to finally meet you in person! I hope you're up here again sometime soon!

    1. Agreed! You will be the first to know the next time I'm up there!


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