Monday, March 10, 2014

Annie & Tom's Wedding Embroidery

My best friend, Annie, got married back in October of last year.

Photo by Danny Dong

Here we are at her gorgeous wedding. She got married at Nestldown in the redwood forest of Northern California, and it could not have been more perfect. Both Annie and her husband, Tom, are stylish, detail-oriented people, and that meant that day was just lovely. And lookit my pretty dress!

Annie & Tom's Wedding Embroidery

Ok, enough bragging - the reason I'm posting this now is to show you the embroidery I made for them! 

I love doing an embroidered piece as a wedding gift. Taking a traditional gift and putting a modern spin on it. At the wedding, we all walked down the aisle to the song "Home," so I included some of the lyrics on this piece, along with my favorite thing to embroider - leaves. I hope this is a piece that will hang in their home for years to come!

Closeup on A & T's Wedding Embroidery

Side note: Sethrina, the bridesmaid with the long blonde hair, was also the recipient of this wedding embroidery


  1. What a perfect gift! And what a lovely wedding!

    1. You did really great work and i fell that you are so creative and i loved your creativity work you shown here.In wedding dress you look so preety.


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