Thursday, November 17, 2016

Campside Shawl

campside shawl 2

This is my stormy Campside Shawl, knit from a free Pompom pattern and 6 balls of Knit Picks Gloss DK in Hawk. I first spotted this pattern a few years ago and appreciated the simplicity, with just enough yarn overs to make the knitting interesting. And it just looked so cozy, you know? 

Shawls were never my thing. I couldn't imagine wrapping myself in what amounted to a small, triangular blanket. I know, I know, as knitters, it is our duty to love shawls. We all took the sworn oath of Shawl Love. But not me. 

So what changed? Perhaps my newfound obsession can really be attributed to living in LA. We certainly do love wearing tank tops in November here, and wearing a wool sweater of any weight is difficult. Plus we have a city-wide obsession with black denim, black tops, black everything, and nothing tops off that type of outfit like a small, triangular blanket. 

So here I am. Swearing my oath of Shawl Love. 

campside shawl campside shawl 3


  1. I love it, that shawl is stunning! I too have come late to the love of shawls. I've been thinking about that Campfire one, and your has me convinced- it could make a believer out of any shawl agnostic!

    1. Thanks, Julie! Right?! It's perfectly lacy, yet straightforward. I love that ribbed border.


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