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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thrift Store Treasures

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of fun stuff with paint-by-number. Elise has a really lovely collection she posted on her blog, and check out this awesome project on Design*Sponge. If I could paint in my apartment, you'd bet I'd have a scenic paint-by-number wall.

Last night, while I was supposed to be exercising (oops), my friend Gwen and I went thrifting. And I came away with this:
I found it at Surplus of Options. You should really visit if you are in Chicago. It is on Lincoln right across from Trader Joe's. It looks pretty small, but they have a huge back room with furniture and home decorations, and that was where I found this, on the very back wall.

Now the only question is:
Should it be flanked with ballerinas?
Or large-eyed circus children?


  1. Hey I wondered where that picture went i did that years ago

  2. BTW I love the table and chairs

  3. Paint by numbers seems to really fit your design aesthetic (an I mean that as a complimentary insight). A structured outline filled by individual inspiration. Knitting or painting. Patterns with a twist. Very cool (and just a neat picture to boot).

  4. Thanks, Jill!

    Chase - that is so insightful! Thank you!


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