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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Crafty Wares - Now Available in Stores!

Exciting news!

brooches ready to go!

My work will now be sold at Sacred Art here in Chicago. Sacred Art is a shop that carries art from local, emerging artists. I'm in good company - Ork Posters & Spinal Fusion are two of my favorites. 

coasters ready to go!

I spent Sunday afternoon tagging & pricing - very professional!

set of two - yellow

I made two sets of stacking Felt & Fabric Boxes especially for Sacred Art. Let me tell you - I had a hard time letting those yellow ones go. 

set of two - green

So if you're local or visiting - stop by Sacred Art at 4619 N Lincoln Ave and check it out.

Ps. I've been tweaking the blog layout a bit, so you can also click on the "Shop" link above for this info. 


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