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Monday, October 4, 2010

Traverse City - The Wedding

Chris and I had a great weekend in Traverse City, Michigan. It was absolutely gorgeous. 

BARN - Traverse City is gorgeous!

Brooke & Michael, the lovely couple, put together a really sweet, homegrown wedding. Even though it was a bit cold, and it rained for a minute, it didn't ruin anyone's spirits. 

Lovely couple!

There was some crazy dancing (talk about sweaty), ending with an hour of 90's hits. Nothing more fun than being surrounded by your friends, belting out songs you loved in middle school.


I wore a vintage 60's dress, and it was almost a huge wardrobe disaster. The night before, I went to iron the dress with steam, and the minute water touched the dress, the fabric puckered up. I maybe freaked out a bit - luckily Chris is the most patient, and came with me while I drove around in a panic, looking for a back up dress.

It all ended well (with a good stiff dry ironing), and was a wonderful night all around!


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