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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Traverse City - The Adventures


So although it was beautiful in TC

it was COLD

It was freeeezing!

But the real story here is this hay:

hay & a case of wine

Check out this trunk full o' hay! 

Ok, so part of the bunny's diet is UNLIMITED HAY. And unfortunately, hay is expensive in the city. Like $7 for 3lbs of hay at Petco. So when we stopped at a diner by the side of the road, right next to a "western store," we asked if the owner knew where to get a bale of hay. I mean it was a rural area - so why not! He pointed us toward a feed store, and we set off. 

When we got to the feed store in a very small town down the road, they sold us this giant bale of hay for $5 total! We were so flabbergasted that it was so cheap - and the guy working at the feed store was not impressed. I tried to explain that we were from "the city" where hay is expensive, but he definitely thought we were crazy. Our trunk looks like a barn, but we won't need to buy hay for months! Huzzah to that!

Oh, yeah, and a case of wine. It's "Witch's Brew," for our Halloween party.


  1. I love Leelanau's Witch's Brew! I won't divulge how much of it I have consumed... but it is good.

  2. If you attend our Halloween party you will get some!

  3. witch's brew...its so good. Also those washcloths you guys made are o great! loove it, miss you pretties :)


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