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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Traverse City - The Gift

Ok, finally a bit of crafting. For wedding gifts in general, I like to do something handmade, especially for my friends. Most of my friends know that I am a crafty lady,  and I think they appreciate the special gifts, like this memento I embroidered for my friend's wedding in January. 

So for Brooke & Michael's wedding, I knew I wanted to make them something, and I decided on washcloths. They're a bit nicer than store bought, but still useful for a new couple. Now, Brooke is primarily Chris' friend from college, although she and I have become good friends. So when I told Chris that I thought knit washcloths would be a good idea, he immediately said "I want to  help!"

Yes, this man is dreamy. A dreamy- knitting - man. So I refreshed his basic knitting skills, and we made four washcloths total. Let me tell you - he is a damn fine knitter. 

My washcloths:

my feather & fan knit washcloths

The pattern is this basic feather & fan pattern.

And Chris' washcloths:

Chris' garter stitch washcloths

Very nice! A basic garter stitch cloth, which I finished and crocheted that little loop at the end. 

For that loop - just take the last loop on the row after casting off, and crochet about 8 chains. Crochet through the row below the cast off row and weave in. 

Everything all wrapped up!
Check out that motel room carpet!

We supplemented the washcloths with some fancy dish soap, hand soap and surface cleaner from Target. All wrapped up in a bamboo bowl, it makes for a nice presentation. I attached little tags to our washcloths telling Brooke & Mike that we had both knit the washcloths.

The couple that knits together... 


  1. What an adorable gift! I love that both of you knit to contribute to it. That makes it so much better.

  2. It's so awesome that he helped! I would be over the moon for a gift like this!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Feel free to steal the idea. Although, you'll have to find the knitting man on your own...


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