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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a holiday check list

It finally snowed in Chicago.

frosty in Chicago

Saturday I woke up to a ton of snow, and it's been about 20 degrees ever since. But I'm not letting the cold weather get to me. I'm all about the holiday spirit and I kicked it into high gear with the Christmas present-making and decorating. 

My holiday to-do list includes:

- knit a sweater vest for my mom
- make a few tree decorations with felt and lace (inspired by EmilyDanielle & Mandi)
- knit a cardigan for my great aunt
- figure out what to wear to a holiday Twister-themed party (I'm thinking 60's mini dress with leggings)
- make these yummy cherry bombs from Emma's blog, From Scratch (perhaps to take to Twister Party?)
- figure out a way to wrap presents using stuff I have around the house (I will share my ideas with y'all!)

I'm not worried. I'll totally get it all done. Especially the knitting. I can totally knit two sweaters in like two weeks. (Does sarcasm work over the internet?)

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  1. I warned Meg! She promises not to look! But I went OOOOh!! so she is intrigued!!


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