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Friday, December 10, 2010

on the Doctor and felt...

If you are my sister, do not look below! Don't do it!

I have a confession: I like geek television shows. Anything sci-fi or fantasy, I love it. I'll save you the list for now and just say that Chris and I are currently watching Season 2 of Doctor Who on Netflix. Thanks to my habit of watching nerdy TV while knitting or sewing, my coffee table has been turned into making-central:

holiday making central

I've been doing pretty well on the gloves. Hopefully I'll finish those up this weekend and then tackle the sweaters. In between that, I've been making felt ornaments for some etsy orders, and doing a few other present type projects.

Do you see those little felt roses up there? Those were discarded from a project (just didn't work), and now I'm thinking of turning them into a little brooch. It's a little bit holiday, but also could be worn year round. I'll keep you updated on that. 

So back to Doctor Who. I'm watching it for the first time, and I have to say, there is a lot of yelling and screaming. It's a very loud show. It seems like every episode has a crowd scene where a large amount of people are attacked and have to run screaming while guns are being fired. And for that reason, I think it will never be one of my favorite shows. I like my panic a little more creative. 



    I too love the WHO, but my love for it is because some of the episodes are so awesome that I forget that many other episodes contain Daleks. Season 4 has my heart though. Season for and the 9th doctor (I know season 1 of the new Who whatever).

  2. Yes! I should have said Season 2 of the new version!

  3. I was first introduced to the Doctor last year when I lived in England. And completely fell in love. Completely. :) I saw the last season, and as these things go, Matt Smith is now THE Doctor for me (since he's the first one I saw). Not that many Daleks in the last season, though, Heather! :)

    Both the mitts and the roses are wonderful!

  4. i looked through your blog - and i have to tell you: i think you a SUCH a beautiful woman! and you do so great things!

  5. Thanks, Fridica & Sandra! Y'all are so sweet!

  6. KATIE! Buck and I went to a taping of the Craig Fergusson show when my parents were in town a few weeks ago, and he had a Dr. Who themed week because the 11th Dr. Who was on and we got to see the taping! We also got the DVD of the current season and are now super curious about it.

  7. Loving those gloves! Your sister is a very lucky lady. Great job!

    And I'll watch ANYTHING while I'm knitting. I've been going through the terrible Lifetime Christmas movies on hulu. Mind. Numbing. But it's way fun with you've got knitting to do!

  8. those gloves are beautiful!!! great job!

  9. Allyson- YES! That is awesome. I agree, the more terrible, the better for knitting. A few weeks ago I watched the whole Anne of Green Gables series.

    Isabella - Thanks!


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